Karin Nilausen

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Mouse L-fibroblasts internalized large amounts of cationized ferritin (CF) by pinocytosis. Initially (60-90 s after addition of CF to cell monolayers at 37 degrees C), CF was found in vesicles measuring 100-400 nm (sectioned diameter) and as small clusters adhering to the inner aspect of the limiting membrane of a few large (greater than 600 nm) vacuoles.(More)
We previously found that dietary soy protein produces higher lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] plasma concentrations than does casein. This study tested the hypothesis that soy protein contains Lp(a)-raising alcohol-removable components. Twelve normolipidemic women and men consumed, in a crossover design, liquid-formula diets containing casein, soy protein, or(More)
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