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  • K Michel
  • 1987
Fifty cases of attempted suicide were compared with 50 cases of completed suicide on variables reported to measure suicide risk: the seriousness of the attempt, and the circumstances in which the act occurred discriminated best. Depressive symptoms were more frequent in the suicide group and in the serious attempters' group than in the non-serious(More)
Since nanomaterials are a heterogeneous group of substances used in various applications, risk assessment needs to be done on a case-by-case basis. Here the authors assess the risk (hazard and exposure) of a glass cleaner with synthetic amorphous silicon dioxide (SAS) nanoparticles during production and consumer use (spray application). As the colloidal(More)
An investigation on the use of psychotropic drugs in a Swiss university psychiatric hospital shows that compared with other drug surveys drugs were prescribed to relatively fewer patients and polypharmacy was used in less than 50% of the patients. The most frequently administered drugs were neuroleptics, among which, surprisingly. Clozapine ranked first.(More)
Of 511 patients in two psychiatric hospitals, one-fifth had no psychotropic drugs, but over one-third (nearly half of those receiving medication) had a combination of two or more psychotropic drugs. Hypnotics and minor tranquillizers were commonly prescribed together with neuroleptics and anti-depressants. One-fifth of day-patients treated with depot(More)
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