Karin Magnander

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PURPOSE To investigate cell cycle effects and relative biological effectiveness (RBE) of α-particles from the clinically relevant radionuclide Astatine-211 ((211)At), using X-rays as reference radiation. Double-strand breaks (DSB), non-DSB clusters containing oxidised purines and clonogenic survival were investigated. MATERIALS AND METHODS Asynchronous(More)
Clustered DNA damages are induced by ionizing radiation and are defined as two or more lesions within one or two helical turns. The aim of this study was to investigate the induction and repair of clustered DNA damage in cells with emphasis on the influence of structural differences in the chromatin organization. Human fibroblasts were irradiated with X(More)
Endogenous processes or genotoxic agents can induce many types of single DNA damage (single-strand breaks, oxidized bases and abasic sites). In addition, ionizing radiation induces complex lesions such as double-strand breaks and clustered damage. To preserve the genomic stability and prevent carcinogenesis, distinct repair pathways have evolved. Despite(More)
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