Karin M. Gerstin

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Purpose. The goal of this study was to develop a mammalian expression system for the cloned rat intestinal, Na+-dependent, purine-selective nucleoside transporter (SPNTint) and to study the interactions of nucleosides and nucleoside analogs with this transporter. Methods. Lipofection was used to transfect HeLa cells with a mammalian expression vector(More)
To understand the roles that nucleoside transporters play in the in vivo distribution of clinically important nucleoside analogs, the substrate specificity of each transporter isoform should be determined. In the present work, we studied the substrate specificities of the human and rat orthologs of the Na+-dependent purine-selective nucleoside transporter(More)
UNLABELLED Several reports suggest that clinically used concentrations of inhaled anesthetics can increase conductance through noninactivating potassium channels and that the resulting hyperpolarization might decrease excitability, thereby leading to the anesthetic state. We speculated that animals deficient in such potassium channels might be resistant to(More)
Nucleoside transporters that mediate cellular uptake of therapeutic nucleoside analogs are major determinants of the pharmacokinetic properties of these compounds. Understanding the substrate selectivity of these transporters is critical in the development of therapeutic nucleoside analogs with optimal pharmacokinetic properties, including high oral(More)
Nucleosides and nucleoside analogs are actively transported in the human kidney. With the recent cloning of a purine-selective, Na+-dependent, nucleoside transporter (hSPNT1, also termed hCNT2) from human kidney, it is now possible to study the interaction of nucleosides and nucleoside analogs with this transport protein and gain a more detailed knowledge(More)
Purpose. Substantial species differences in the transportkinetics of nucleosides and therapeutic nucleoside analogs have beenobserved in various experimental systems. To explain these differences at amolecular level, it is necessary to clone the relevant transporters andexamine their functional characteristics in heterologous expression systems.The goal of(More)
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