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The distribution of glutamate receptor subtypes on the surface of neurons is highly relevant for synaptic activation and signal processing in the neocortex. As a novel approach we have used infra-red videomicroscopy in combination with photostimulation or microiontophoresis in brain slices of rat neocortex to map the distribution of N-methyl-D-aspartate(More)
1. Voltage-dependent potassium channels were investigated in rat axonal membrane by means of the patch-clamp recording technique. Three different types of channels (F, I and S) have been characterized on the basis of their single-channel conductance, activation, deactivation and inactivation properties. 2. The fast (F) channels were activated smoothly at(More)
Microglial motility was studied in living mammalian brain tissue using infrared gradient contrast microscopy in combination with video contrast enhancement and time lapse video recording. The infrared gradient contrast allows the visualization of living cells up to a depth of 60 microm in brain slices, in regions where cell bodies remain largely uninjured(More)
In 3 experiments, the effect of word frequency on an indirect word fragment completion test and on direct free-recall and Yes-no recognition tests was investigated. In Experiment 1, priming in word fragment completion was substantially greater for low-frequency words than for high-frequency words, but free recall was unaffected. Experiment 2 replicated the(More)
Two types of metabolically regulated K channels have been identified for the first time in enzymatically demyelinated fibres of amphibian sciatic nerve using the patch-clamp technique. A maxi K channel with a single-channel conductance of 132 pS (105 mM K on both sides of the membrane, 15 degrees C) is activated both by micromolar concentrations of internal(More)
BACKGROUND Fragility fractures are one of the leading causes for disability in old people. The main underlying mechanisms are osteoporosis and falls. Evidence-based measures to prevent either falls or fractures are available. However, coordinated preventive approaches combining bone health and fall prevention are rare. The objective of the study is to(More)
Associations between emotional responses to maternal separation and cognitive performance were expected to change with cognitive development over the first year. In this longitudinal study of 39 infants, measures of separation and reunion distress at 2, 6, and 10 months were interleaved with measures of sensorimotor coordination at 4, 8, and 13 months.(More)
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