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Developing Codes of Conduct: Regulatory Conversations as Means for Detecting Institutional Change
The introduction of a new corporate governance code in Sweden, modeled after prevailing Anglo-Saxon norms of corporate governance, offers the opportunity to investigate global regulatory convergencExpand
Performance Evaluations as Gender Barriers in Professional Organizations: A Study of Auditing Firm.
Gendering processes often take the form of organizational subtexts, that is, seemingly gender-neutral practices that have gender implications. The purpose of this article is to study performanceExpand
Management by documents - a risk of de-professionalizing?
If we have to document our professional action, will we then only perform the actions that we are supposed to document? This question reflects the content of this chapter. The chapter includes a frExpand
The making of active boards in Swedish public companies
Boards of directors are a vital part of corporate governance systems. In the on-going discussion about the development of national corporate governance systems, however, little interest has beenExpand
Auditor rotations and audit quality: A perspective from cumulative number of audit partner and audit firm rotations
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the association between audit rotation – at the audit partner and audit firm level – and audit quality. As mentioned in the literature, audit rotation hasExpand
Gendered Career Rein: A Gender Analysis of the Certification Process of Auditors in Sweden
It has been claimed that the accounting and auditing business is a gendered industry. Even though as many women as men enter the business, high positions such as partnerships still largely appear toExpand
Variations in professions’ adaption of quality reforms: The cases of doctors and auditors in Sweden
This article investigates variations in two professions’ adaption of quality reforms. The adaption of reforms is viewed as a part of the professions’ legitimacy and identity processes. Literature inExpand
The inclusion of female PhD students in academia: A case study of a Swedish university department
The article introduces a framework for understanding women's entry into the academic world and how it interacts with internal departmental structures and practices. It presents three specificExpand
Gender‐based career differences among young auditors in Sweden
Purpose - The purpose of this study is to examine whether or not gender-related differences affect the likelihood of promotion. Design/methodology/approach - The research is done on a unique datasetExpand
Do auditor and CFO gender matter to earnings quality? Evidence from Sweden
Purpose This study aims to examine the association between auditor and chief financial officer (CFO) gender and earnings quality, utilising data from Sweden. This study also aims to examineExpand