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f ur K unstliche Intelligenz GmbH, DFKI) in the Computational Linguistics area. I am grateful to these institutes for their support. Many, many people have helped me not to get lost during the development of this thesis. Hans Uszkoreit, my main supervisor, provided a motivating, enthusiastic, and critical atmosphere during the many discussions we had. It(More)
Contextual Grammars (CGs) provide an appropriate description of natural languages. Unfortunately, no parser which runs in polynomial time was known for some linguistically relevant classes. In this paper, an intertwined two–level Earley–based parser for CGs with finite, regular and context–free selectors is presented. In both phases context–free grammars(More)
In virtually all current natural-language dialog systems, users can only refer to objects by using linguistic descriptions. However , in human face-to-face conversation, participants fre= quently use various sorts of deictic gestures as well. In this paper, we will present the referent identification component of XTRA, a system for a natural-language access(More)