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f ur K unstliche Intelligenz GmbH, DFKI) in the Computational Linguistics area. I am grateful to these institutes for their support. Many, many people have helped me not to get lost during the development of this thesis. Hans Uszkoreit, my main supervisor, provided a motivating, enthusiastic, and critical atmosphere during the many discussions we had. It(More)
Ambiguous keyboards provide efficient typing with low motor demands. In our project 1 concerning the development of a communication aid, we emphasize adaptation with respect to the sensory input. At the same time, we wish to impose individualized language models on the text determination process. UKO–II is an open architecture based on the Emacs text editor(More)
In the communication using Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) aids, scanning volunteers an effective method to users who can operate at most three buttons. In this paper, we investigate scanning with ambiguous keyboards. Using an ambiguous keyboard means that words are entered by pressing the corresponding ambiguous key once for each letter.(More)
Contextual Grammars (CGs) provide an appropriate description of natural languages. Unfortunately, no parser which runs in polynomial time was known for some linguistically relevant classes. In this paper, an intertwined two–level Earley–based parser for CGs with finite, regular and context–free selectors is presented. In both phases context–free grammars(More)