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Xyr1 (Xylanase Regulator 1) Regulates both the Hydrolytic Enzyme System and d-Xylose Metabolism in Hypocrea jecorina
ABSTRACT Xyr1 (xylanase regulator 1) of the ascomycete Hypocrea jecorina (anamorph Trichoderma reesei) was recently demonstrated to play an essential role in the transcriptional regulation of theExpand
Phosphoproteomics strategies for the functional analysis of signal transduction
Protein phosphorylation is a key regulatory mechanism of cellular signalling processes. The analysis of phosphorylated proteins and the characterisation of phosphorylation sites under differentExpand
Quantitative Phospho-proteomics to Investigate the Polo-like Kinase 1-Dependent Phospho-proteome*
Polo-like kinase 1 (PLK1) is a key regulator of mitotic progression and cell division, and small molecule inhibitors of PLK1 are undergoing clinical trials to evaluate their utility in cancerExpand
QIKS – Quantitative identification of kinase substrates
Signaling networks regulate cellular responses to external stimuli through post‐translational modifications such as protein phosphorylation. Phosphoproteomics facilitate the large‐scaleExpand
From an electrophoretic mobility shift assay to isolated transcription factors: a fast genomic-proteomic approach
BackgroundHypocrea jecorina (anamorph Trichoderma reesei) is a filamentous ascomycete of industrial importance due to its hydrolases (e.g., xylanases and cellulases). The regulation of geneExpand