Karin Gorzolka

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Mass spectrometry imaging was applied on germinated barley for the detailed localization of metabolites in longitudinal and transversal seed sections. Among others, 20 m/z signals occurred in three regular peak clusters with specific, distinct localizations in embryo tissues. High resolution FT-ICR MS, MALDI-TOF MS/MS, and UHPLC-ESI MS/MS served for the(More)
MALDI mass spectrometry imaging was performed to localize metabolites during the first seven days of the barley germination. Up to 100 mass signals were detected of which 85 signals were identified as 48 different metabolites with highly tissue-specific localizations. Oligosaccharides were observed in the endosperm and in parts of the developed embryo.(More)
Mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) opens the unique possibility to localize a broad number of small molecules in entire plant organs or in cryosections. In tomato the antioxidant flavonoid quercetin was localized in the outer parts of the fruit while the alkaloid α-tomatine was distributed all over the tissues. In germinating barley seedlings the antifungal(More)
Webbrowsers and web applications have become common tools in bioin-formatics overt he past decades. Manye xisting web applications revolvea round server-client interaction, where heavy computational tasks are often outsourced to the server and the presentation is handled on the the client-side. Howeverm ore recent additions to the web browser technology(More)
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