Karin Gatermann

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Insertion of a 36-base-pair (bp) synthetic oligonucleotide comprising the sequence 5'-GTAGGT(19N)CTAAT (4N)AG-3' into several different positions within the coding region of the naturally intronless ura4 gene of Schizosaccharomyces pombe leads to an efficiently spliced gene producing a functional product. This suggests that the proper signals within an(More)
«nitted in any form or by any means, ir any information storage and retrieval owner. 5e of an article in this journal indicates V be made for personal or internal use, is consent is given on the condition! i the Copyright Clearance Center, Ina ing beyond that permitted by Sections not extend to other kinds of copying, >r promotional purposes, for creating(More)
The results from Invariant Theory and the results for semi-invariants and equivariants are summarized in a suitable way for combining with Gröbner basis computation. An algorithm for the determination of fundamental equivariants using projections and a Poincaré series is described. Secondly, an algorithm is given for the representation of an equivariant in(More)
DISSERTATION zur Erlangung des akademischen Grades doctor rerum naturalium Dedicated to the memory of KARIN GATERMANN Table 1: List of mathematical symbols C field of complex numbers R field of real numbers Z ring of integer numbers C[x] ring of polynomials with coefficients in the field of complex numbers I ideal I def, tor deformed toric ideal V (I)(More)