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OBJECTIVE We report the results and complications associated with standardized intraoperative management designed for the prevention of hemodynamically relevant venous air embolism during surgery performed in the semisitting position. METHODS A protocol for preoperative evaluation and intraoperative monitoring was developed and applied in 187 consecutive(More)
Exposure to estrogenic compounds during critical periods of fetal development could result in adverse effects on the development of reproductive organs that are not apparent until later in life. Bisphenol A (BPA), which is employed in the manufacture of a wide range of consumer products, is a prime candidate for endocrine disruption. We examined BPA to(More)
BACKGROUND Education in laser microsurgery is generally acquired under the supervision of an experienced surgeon. During training phases, however, increased complication rates may occur. Viable models for training are therefore important. METHODS Larynx models should be anatomically accurate in size, form and texture, and be able to simulate normal as(More)
The 5-hydroxytryptamine receptor of type 3 was investigated by fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS). Binding constants of fluorescently labeled ligands, the stoichiometry, and the mass of the receptor are readily accessible by this technique, while the duration of measurement is on the order of seconds to minutes. The receptor antagonist 1,2,3,(More)
Within the framework of a prospective study, we were able to establish that in 50 per cent of 220 patients submitted to laparoscopy, the ligamentum teres hepatis did not run from the porta hepatis directly to the umbilicus, but to a point of insertion craniad to the umbilicus in the median line of the anterior abdominal wall. As a rule, this topographic(More)
Authors summarize the results of liver transplantation first of all in the view of rehabilitation. Role of rehabilitation experts is discussed in the period before and after transplantation. The necessity of information for the patients is specially underlined already from the first raise of the possibility of liver transplantation. They express that after(More)