Karin Edlund

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  • K Edlund, J D Bendtsen, J B Jørgensen
  • 2011
One of the main difficulties in large-scale implementation of renewable energy in exisiting power systems is that the production from renewable sources is difficult to predict and control. For this reason, fast and efficient control of controllable power producing units – so-called " portfolio control " – becomes increasingly important as the ratio of(More)
Selected members of the adenovirus family have been shown to interact with the coxsackie adenovirus receptor, alpha(v) integrins, and sialic acid on target cells. Initial interactions of subgenus D adenoviruses with target cells have until now been poorly characterized. Here, we demonstrate that adenovirus type 8 (Ad8), Ad19a, and Ad37 use sialic acid as a(More)
Adenovirus infections in immunocompromised patients are associated with high mortality rates. Currently, there are no effective anti-adenoviral therapies available. It is well known that actinobacteria can produce secondary metabolites that are attractive in drug discovery due to their structural diversity and their evolved interaction with biomolecules.(More)
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