Karin Dorieke Hekkert

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Patient satisfaction surveys are increasingly used for benchmarking purposes. In the Netherlands, the results of these surveys are reported at the univariate level without taking case mix factors into account. The first objective of the present study was to determine whether differences in patient satisfaction are attributed to the hospital, department or(More)
Representations of different body parts or muscles in the human primary motor cortex overlap extensively. At the effector level, most muscles are surrounded by and overlap with several neighbours as well. This hampers the assessment of excitability in individual muscles with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), even if so-called "focal" stimulating(More)
OBJECTIVES We developed an outcome indicator based on the finding that complications often prolong the patient's hospital stay. A higher percentage of patients with an unexpectedly long length of stay (UL-LOS) compared to the national average may indicate shortcomings in patient safety. We explored the utility of the UL-LOS indicator. SETTING We used data(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether a priori selection of patient records using unexpectedly long length of stay (UL-LOS) leads to detection of more records with adverse events (AEs) compared to non-UL-LOS. DESIGN To investigate the opportunities of the UL-LOS, we looked for AEs in all records of patients with colorectal cancer. Within this group, we(More)
PURPOSE Adequate education in first aid and basic life support (BLS) should be considered as an essential aspect of the medical curriculum. The objective of this study was to investigate the current medical training in first aid and BLS at all 8 medical schools in the Netherlands. SUMMARY An evaluation was made, by sending a questionnaire to all medical(More)
Importance Hospital readmissions are being used increasingly as an indicator of quality of care. However, it remains difficult to identify potentially preventable readmissions. Objectives To evaluate the identification of potentially preventable hospital readmissions by using a classification of readmissions based on administrative data. Design and(More)
INTRODUCTION To facilitate empowerment, the government encourages patient associations to participate in policy making discussions. To play a crucial role as one of the partners for the government in formulating policy on healthcare, information was needed about the activities and aims of Dutch patient associations. This article describes the development of(More)
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