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InnateDB (http://www.innatedb.com) is an integrated analysis platform that has been specifically designed to facilitate systems-level analyses of mammalian innate immunity networks, pathways and genes. In this article, we provide details of recent updates and improvements to the database. InnateDB now contains >196 000 human, mouse and bovine experimentally(More)
BACKGROUND The innate immune response is the first line of defence against invading pathogens and is regulated by complex signalling and transcriptional networks. Systems biology approaches promise to shed new light on the regulation of innate immunity through the analysis and modelling of these networks. A key initial step in this process is the contextual(More)
The Proteomics Standard Initiative Common QUery InterfaCe (PSICQUIC) specification was created by the Human Proteome Organization Proteomics Standards Initiative (HUPO-PSI) to enable computational access to molecular-interaction data resources by means of a standard Web Service and query language. Currently providing >150 million binary interaction(More)
Traditional flow cytometry data analysis is largely based on interactive and time consuming analysis of series two dimensional representations of up to 20 dimensional data. Recent technological advances have increased the amount of data generated by the technology and outpaced the development of data analysis approaches. While there are advanced tools(More)
Microelectronics processing technology spawned a new area of science and engineering exemplified by the acronyms MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) and NEMS (nanoelectromechanical systems). Microengineering is a multidisciplinary investigation of the physics and science of the sub-millimeter scale world and the application of this understanding to(More)
  • Amy Buchmann, N Darnton, L Turner, K Breuer, H Berg
  • 2014
Microfluidics devices carry very small volumes of liquid though channels and have been used in many biological applications including drug discovery and development. In many microfluidic experiments, it would be useful to mix the fluid within the chamber. However, the traditional methods of mixing and pumping at large length scales don't work at small(More)
  • P Lorber, D Mccormick, T Anderson, B Wake, D Macmartin, M Pollack +10 others
  • 2000
* Flow control to avoid or delay rotorcraft retreating blade stall can be an enabling technology for future high performance rotorcraft. Aerodynamic experiments and computations have indicated that appropriate unsteady excitation can delay boundary layer separation and stall on airfoils. Work is in progress to determine the control requirements for(More)
Due to recent advances in genome sequencing, the detection of pathogens by DNA signatures, i.e. by oligonucleotide sequences that uniquely identify a specific genome, is becoming increasingly popular in modern clinical diagnostics. However, currently available screening methods, such as PCR and microarrays, lack multiplexing and sensitivity, respectively.(More)
BACKGROUND Staging laparotomy and splenectomy were routinely performed in patients with early-stage Hodgkin's disease (HD) qualifying for radiotherapy alone to determine the exact extent of disease. However, staging laparotomy is associated with a considerable number of side effects, warranting more sophisticated diagnostic procedures and new therapy(More)
of its circular swimming path. These particles move randomly with an apparent diffusion coefficient of D 0 9.0 T 2.0 mm 2 /s, measured for isolated spermatozoa. A short-range pairwise attraction, arising from the hydrodynamic forces leading to the observed synchronization (20), and a longer range repulsion , which could be of steric or hydro-dynamic origin(More)