Karin Benda

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This study evaluates the most extensive long-term treatment outcome of paranasal sinus mucocoeles with particular emphasis on the efficacy of endonasal micro-endoscopic management. It is a retrospective, consecutive case review of 255 patients with 290 mucocoeles including 125 frontal sinus, 23 frontoethmoid, 41 ethmoid, 72 maxillary sinus and 26 sphenoid(More)
Relatively rare high-flow priapism is most frequently caused by contusion or direct injury of the cavernous artery with a subsequent uncontrolled inflow of arterial blood into the cavernous bodies. Knowledge of this pathophysiology and the development of intervention radiology made a more selective therapeutic approach possible. The authors present a report(More)
Enteroclysis is rightly included to modern diagnostic methods for detecting damage to alimentary canal. It enables to visualize even small morphological changes on the mucous membrane of intestine, to prove fistulas if present and to evaluate functional changes if correctly applied. It significantly contributes to establishing early diagnosis in affections(More)