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The study explored beliefs about health and illness in females with diabetes mellitus (DM) from different religious backgrounds living in Sweden. Swedes showed an active self-care behaviour and a healthy and controlled life-style. Ex-Yugoslavian Muslims emphasised enjoyment of life and a passive self-care attitude, lesser inclination to self-monitoring of(More)
AIM This paper reports the findings of a study exploring the health and illness beliefs of men with diabetes, who were from different cultural backgrounds and living in Sweden. BACKGROUND No studies have been reported that have focused on the beliefs about health and illness in men with diabetes mellitus of different ethnic origin. Beliefs may affect(More)
AIM To explore patients' evaluation of a specialized diabetes clinic for management of women with gestational diabetes born in Sweden and the Middle East and its contribution to a decreased level of stress and improved coping capability to promote health in patients receiving care. BACKGROUND No studies comparing patients' perceptions of healthcare in(More)
All skeletal muscle can produce roughly the same maximal cross-sectional force; however, the power (energy X time-1) required to develop and maintain that force increases with increasing contraction velocity. Thus the rate of muscle tension development may be of primary importance in setting the energy demand of contracting muscle. We have estimated the(More)
OBJECTIVE to compare beliefs about health and illness between women born in Sweden and the Middle East who developed gestational diabetes (GD). DESIGN a qualitative, explorative study using semi-structured interviews. SETTING in-hospital diabetes specialist clinic in Sweden. PARTICIPANTS consecutive sample of women with GD; 13 born in Sweden and 14(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To explore the development over time of beliefs about health, illness and health care in migrant women with gestational diabetes mellitus born in the Middle East and living in Sweden and to study the influence on self-care and care seeking. BACKGROUND With today's extensive global migration, contact with the new society/health care(More)
The study explored beliefs about health and illness in Latin American migrants diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (DM) living in Sweden, and investigated the influence on health-related behavior including self-care and care-seeking behavior. Migrants are particularly affected in the diabetes pandemia. Beliefs about health and illness determine health-related(More)
OBJECTIVE to explore beliefs about health and illness three months postpartum in women born in Sweden and the Middle East, and to study whether they perceive gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) as a prediabetic condition. DESIGN an explorative study using semi-structured interviews 3 months postpartum. SETTING in-hospital diabetes specialist clinic in(More)
High volume spay-neuter (spay-castration) clinics have been established to improve population control of cats and dogs to reduce the number of animals admitted to and euthanazed in animal shelters. The rise in the number of spay-neuter clinics in the USA has been accompanied by concern about the quality of animal care provided in high volume facilities,(More)
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