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All skeletal muscle can produce roughly the same maximal cross-sectional force; however, the power (energy X time-1) required to develop and maintain that force increases with increasing contraction velocity. Thus the rate of muscle tension development may be of primary importance in setting the energy demand of contracting muscle. We have estimated the(More)
OBJECTIVE to compare beliefs about health and illness between women born in Sweden and the Middle East who developed gestational diabetes (GD). DESIGN a qualitative, explorative study using semi-structured interviews. SETTING in-hospital diabetes specialist clinic in Sweden. PARTICIPANTS consecutive sample of women with GD; 13 born in Sweden and 14(More)
The study explored beliefs about health and illness in Latin American migrants diagnosed with diabetes mellitus (DM) living in Sweden, and investigated the influence on health-related behavior including self-care and care-seeking behavior. Migrants are particularly affected in the diabetes pandemia. Beliefs about health and illness determine health-related(More)
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