Karime Marques Hassun

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BACKGROUND Pigmentation disorders, such as melasma, greatly influence the quality of life (QoL) of affected individuals who usually consider the disorder to be more severe than the objective clinical scores. Several instruments have been successfully developed to evaluate QoL. However, they must be adapted to the target population in terms of language and(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was designed to describe the histologic aspects of the cutaneous and mucosal adverse reactions to fillers used for cosmetic purposes. METHODS AND MATERIALS Eleven specimens of adverse reactions caused by Restylane, Artecoll, Metacril, New-Fill, Aquamid, and liquid silicone were processed and stained by hematoxylin-eosin and Alcian(More)
Pachydermodactyly is a rare form of digital fibromatosis involving the proximal portions of the fingers that usually affects young males. We present a 25-year-old male patient with a two year history of asymptomatic nodules in the fingers. Three months before the visit, he had observed similar lesions on the feet and right knee. Histopathological analysis(More)
Topical retinoids are used to treat photoaging; oral isotretinoin is gold standard for acne; "off label" indications, including photoaging, have been reported with insufficient evidence of efficacy. This is a randomized controlled phase II trial with clinical and histological assessment to evaluate efficacy and safety of oral isotretinoin for photoaging.(More)
Cutaneous fillers have been employed in the treatment of wrinkles and scars. The high biocompatibility and rare adverse effects described in the literature represent advantages of hyaluronic acid (HA) compared to other fillers. We report the case of a patient submitted to soft tissue augmentation with HA (Restylane) for the treatment of wrinkles on the(More)
BACKGROUND many studies about the psychosocial impact of acne have been reported in international medical literature describing quality of life as a relevant clinical outcome. It is well known that the patient's perception about the disease may be different from the physician's evaluation. Therefore, it is important to use validated instruments that turn(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of low-dose oral isotretinoin in the treatment of seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis has been poorly investigated in randomized studies. OBJECTIVES This study was designed to determine the efficacy and safety of low-dose oral isotretinoin in the treatment of moderate to severe seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis on the scalp(More)
BACKGROUND The use of Fluor-Hydroxy pulse peel (Drogaderma, Sao Paulo, Brazil) was reported by Katz to treat solar damage and actinic keratosis-associated lesions. OBJECTIVE The objective was to use this combined treatment to produce therapeutic and cosmetic benefits in a patient with actinic porokeratosis. METHODS A case of actinic disseminated(More)
The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of a triple combination (TC) cream and monotherapy with hydroquinone (HQ) cream in the treatment of moderate to severe facial melasma. A total of 120 patients applied TC cream once daily or HQ cream twice daily for 8 weeks. Evaluations included static global severity assessment of melasma,(More)