Karima Sahrari

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STUDY QUESTION What is the best source of ovarian cells for the artificial ovary: medulla or cortex, cryopreserved or fresh? SUMMARY ANSWER Ovarian cells from fresh medullary tissue, which can be isolated in larger numbers, show higher viability and are able to improve graft vascularization. WHAT IS KNOWN ALREADY In a previous study, addition of(More)
To evaluate the tumor-inducing ability of a few leukemic cells xenotransplanted inside an artificial ovary. Ten and 100 BV-173 leukemic cells were embedded in a fibrin matrix along with 50,000 human ovarian stromal cells, and grafted to the peritoneal bursa of 5 and 5 SCID mice respectively. Four mice grafted with 3x106 leukemic cells in fibrin served as(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the safety of our follicle isolation procedure in a model of ovarian tissue artificially contaminated with cancer cells, then to improve the procedure to effectively eliminate malignant cells from follicle suspensions without altering viability. DESIGN Prospective experimental study. SETTING Gynecology research unit in a university(More)
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