Karima Dhouib

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Production, maintenance, and quality are often modeled as separate problems, despite the strong link that exists between these primary components of any manufacturing system. This paper deals with an integrated approach for the joint optimization of production-inventory control and preventive maintenance policy for a manufacturing cell comprising an(More)
L’informatique juridique, est un domaine en évolution constante. Le contexte général de notre travail est l’élaboration d’un système de recherche de jurisprudence tunisienne en langue arabe. L’objectif opérationnel de ce système est de fournir une aide aux juristes pour résoudre une situation juridique donnée en mettant à leur disposition une collection de(More)
This article addresses the problem of joint optimization of production and subcontracting of unreliable production systems. The production system considered presents a common problem in the pharmaceutical industry. It is composed of multiple production facilities with different capacities, each of which is capable of producing two different classes of(More)
Transfer lines are more and more dedicated to producing a variety of similar products allowing some flexibility to this important class of manufacturing systems. For many decades, an important work has been done to evaluate the performance and specifically the capacity of transfer lines. However, most of these works are so far limited to the mono-product(More)
This paper describes the construction of an application ontology for the legal domain. This ontology covering the semantic content of jurisprudence decisions can be deployed at several levels in our system for decisions research: improve the results of decision structuring, facilitate queries' formulation when accessing the system and finally optimize the(More)
Most of the research concerning production systems is so far limited to the assessment of the steady-state throughput despite the impact of the parameter variability on the overall performance of such systems. In this paper, we propose an analytical model to assess the variance of the throughput of homogeneous transfer lines subject to operation-dependant(More)
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