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A new version of the MIT Microelectronics WebLab, an online semiconductor characterization laboratory, has recently been deployed. While WebLab is primarily of interest in microelectronics education, it also represents a testbed for new pedagogical and technological concepts associated with online laboratories. WebLab 6.0, our latest release, is constructed(More)
The iLab project began in June of 2000 with the initial goal of creating Internet accessible laboratory experiments. After the successful implementation of several distinct laboratories, the goals of the project shifted to address the design and construction of a generalized infrastructure capable of supporting a wide variety of laboratory experiments.(More)
A multi-processor system is an integrated circuit containing multiple processor cores that implements most of the functionality of a complex electronic system and some other components like FPGA/ASIC on a single chip. In this paper, we present a novel approach to synthesize multi-core system architectures from Task Precedence Graphs (TPG) models. The front(More)
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