Karim Nassiri-Toussi

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We are proposing a distributed algorithm to increase the transmission rate whenever possible and decrease the rate when too much error is encountered for a system with tight real time constraint and communicating elements so that the tolerance of the system to the message losses is very limited. The transmission bauds are pre-quantized and is known to both(More)
This paper aims to characterize the ergodic capacity of multiple input multiple output (MIMO) antenna beam-forming in indoor multi-path propagation environments. Using DoubleDirectional Cluster-Ray (DDCR) channel models, the second order statistics of the strongest eigen-mode of the channel is analyzed. An upper bound on the ergodic capacity of the MIMO(More)
The 3GPP WCDMA specification requires that the mobile support optional space time transmit diversity (STTD) encoding of various physical channels on the downlink. This means that the mobile needs to know if any physical channel is STTD encoded. In this paper, we propose an efficient and robust algorithm to detect STTD on the downlink by correlating the(More)
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