Karim Kakaei

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We demonstrate F-, Cl-, Br- and I-doped reduced graphene oxide (XRGO) as metal-free graphene electro-catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in alkaline media. Reduced graphene oxide (GO) is prepared from graphite electrode using electrochemical exfoliation. In situ doping of halide in a graphene film has many problems. In this technique, different(More)
Here a simple yet cost-effective strategy is developed to fabricate fluorine-doped graphene nanosheets, we successfully, prepared fluorine doped graphene via thermal treatment of graphene oxide and NaF (sodium fluoride) in H2SO4 solution phase. Importantly, the electrocatalytic activity for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is carefully evaluated for(More)
We demonstrate the efficient doping of reduced graphene oxide (RGO) by Chlorine and its capacitive performance was calculated by cyclic voltammetry and charge-discharge cycling in 1M H2SO4 solution. In this regard, we are prepared RGO nanosheets through a simple, eco-friendly and efficient electrochemical method, with selectively functionalized edges by(More)
Development of anode catalysts and catalyst supporting carbonaceous material containing non-precious metal have attracted tremendous attention in the field of direct ethanol fuel cells (DEFCs). Herein, we report the synthesis and electrochemical properties of nitrogen-doped reduced graphene oxide (NRGO) supported Co, Ni and NiCo nanocomposites. The metal(More)
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