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In the present study, timing of conditioned eyeblink responses (CRs) was investigated in cerebellar patients and age-matched controls using a standard delay paradigm. Findings were compared with previously published data of CR incidences in the same patient population (Gerwig et al., 2003; Timmann et al., 2005). Sixteen patients with pure cortical(More)
Extinction of conditioned eyeblink responses (CRs) was analyzed in sixteen patients with pure cortical cerebellar degeneration, 14 patients with lesions within the territory of the superior cerebellar artery (SCA), 13 patients with infarctions within the territory of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA) and 45 age-matched controls.(More)
Trace eyeblink conditioning was investigated in 31 patients with focal cerebellar lesions and 19 age-matched controls. Twelve patients presented with lesions including the territory of the superior cerebellar artery (SCA). In 19 patients lesions were restricted to the territory of the posterior inferior cerebellar artery (PICA). A 3D magnetic resonance(More)
Angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels, requires dynamic expansion, assembly and stabilization of vascular endothelial cells in response to proangiogenic stimuli. Antiangiogenic strategies have become an important therapeutic modality for solid tumors. While many aspects of postnatal pathological angiogenesis have been extensively studied in the(More)
Thrombolysis with intravenous alteplase is the primary therapy for acute ischemic stroke, and is approved in most countries. Early administration improves functional outcome though benefit and risk depend on the time elapsed between stroke onset and initiation of treatment. Randomized controlled trials demonstrated benefit from intravenous thrombolysis when(More)
It is known that cyber attacks on the application systems causes denial of services to avoid confidentiality and integrity compromise. The system remains inaccessible until it is completely recovered from that threat. This unavailability of the system is very important to handle as it results in huge monetary loss for organizations and their customers(More)
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