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Certain single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in genes encoding alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) enzymes confer a significant protective effect against alcohol dependence syndrome (ADS) in East Asian populations. Recently, attention has focused on the role of these SNPs in determining ADS risk in European populations. To further elucidate these associations,(More)
affects the risk of schizophrenia and alcohol dependence as well as bipolar disorder Niamh L. O’Brien*, Michael J. Way*, Radhika Kandaswamy*, Alessia Fiorentino, Sally I. Sharp, Giorgia Quadri, Jarram Alex, Adebayo Anjorin, David Ball, Raquin Cherian, Karim Dar, Aynur Gormez, Irene Guerrini, Mathis Heydtmann, Audrey Hillman, Sudheer Lankappa, Greg Lydall,(More)
syndrome from the thiamine transporter 2 gene solute carrier SLC19A3 Giorgia Quadri, Andrew McQuillin, Irene Guerrini, Allan D. Thomson, Raquin Cherian, Jit Saini, Kush Ruparelia, Greg J. Lydall, David Ball, Iain Smith, Michael Way, Katherine Kasiakogia-Worlley, Shamir Patel, Girija Kottalgi, Priyanthi Gunawardena, Harish Rao, Audrey Hillman, Ewen Douglas,(More)
Activation of acetylated chymotrypsinogen with trypsin leads to catalytically active acetylated delta-chymotrypsin containing NH2-terminal isoleucine. The importance of the cationic terminus to the control of the active conformation of acetylated delta-chymotrypsin has been demonstrated (Oppenheimer, H. L., Labouesse, B., and Hess, G. P. (1966) J. Biol.(More)
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