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INTRODUCTION In dark skin patients, hypopigmentation is the most disfiguring condition. Very few studies on hypochromic disorders have been conducted in specialized health centers. The present study is aimed to describe the etiologies of hypochromic patches in dermatological area, in Bamako. METHODS We carried out a cross sectional study in the(More)
Dermatitis of the folds (intertrigo) is a frequent reason for attending consultations, particularly in Africa, where the hot and humid climate constitute an aggravating factor. It is a complex pathology with multiple and intricate etiologies. The aim of this study was to describe epidemiological and etiological aspects of dermatitis of the folds in(More)
INTRODUCTION Tuberculosis is the most common mycobacteriosis in sub-Saharan Africa. Cutaneous tuberculosis is rare and underdiagnosed due to its clinical polymorphism and to the smallness of technical equipment. This study aims to describe the epidemiological, clinical, histopathological aspects of cutaneous tuberculosis in Bamako (Mali). METHODS We(More)
Adama Dicko, Ousmane Faye, Youssouf Fofana, Moussa Soumoutera, Siritio Berthé, Saidou Touré, Bekaye Traoré, Binta Guindo, Koureissi Tall, Alimata Keita, Lassine Kéita, Karim Coulibaly, Somita Keita Service de Dermatologie, Centre National d’Appui à la Lutte contre la Maladie, Bamako, Mali, Faculté de Médecine de d’Odontostomatologie, Bamako, Mali, Hôpital(More)
Pruritus is a symptom frequently encountered in dermatology consultations. For practitioners working in a tropical environment, particularly in Africa, the diagnosis of pruritus remains a constant problem. The aim of this study was to describe the epidemioclinical aspects and the etiologies of pruritus encountered at the dermatological hospital in Bamako.(More)
BACKGROUND Women widely use skin-lightening products for cosmetic purposes in sub-Saharan Africa despite numerous reported cutaneous and systemic complications. The occurrence of epidermoid carcinoma has long been reported, but only three cases have been published so far. We report the first case in Mali. PATIENTS AND METHODS A 30-year old woman with no(More)
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