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Chromatin remodeling by the CHD7 protein is impaired by mutations that cause human developmental disorders
Background Mutations in the CHD7 gene cause CHARGE, a developmental syndrome which affect most organs. In addition, CHD7 mutations also cause puberty and reproductive organ formation disorders suchExpand
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Chromatin remodeling by the CHD7 protein is impaired by mutations that cause human developmental disorders
Mutations in the CHD7 gene cause human developmental disorders including CHARGE syndrome. Genetic studies in model organisms have further established CHD7 as a central regulator of vertebrateExpand
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Analysis of individual remodeled nucleosomes reveals decreased histone–DNA contacts created by hSWI/SNF
Chromatin remodeling enzymes use the energy of ATP hydrolysis to alter histone–DNA contacts and regulate DNA-based processes in eukaryotes. Whether different subfamilies of remodeling complexesExpand
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Methylation‐Sensitive Single‐Molecule Analysis of Chromatin Structure
Methylation‐sensitive single‐molecule analysis of chromatin structure is a high‐resolution method for studying nucleosome positioning. As described in this unit, this method allows for the analysisExpand
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The DNA repair protein SHPRH is a nucleosome-stimulated ATPase and a nucleosome-E3 ubiquitin ligase
BackgroundMaintenance of genome integrity during DNA replication is crucial to the perpetuation of all organisms. In eukaryotes, the bypass of DNA lesions by the replication machinery preventsExpand
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ortho-Fluoroazobenzene derivatives as DNA intercalators for photocontrol of DNA and nucleosome binding by visible light.
We report a high-affinity photoswitchable DNA binder, which displays different nucleosome-binding capacities upon visible-light irradiation. Both photochemical and DNA-recognition properties wereExpand
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Overarching control of autophagy and DNA damage response by CHD6 revealed by modeling a rare human pathology
Members of the chromodomain-helicase-DNA binding (CHD) protein family are chromatin remodelers critically implicated in human pathologies, with CHD6 being one of its least studied members. Here, weExpand
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CHD7 regulates cardiovascular development through ATP-dependent and -independent activities
Significance Mutation of CHD7 causes multiple developmental disorders, including CHARGE syndrome, in which conotruncal anomalies are the most prevalent form of heart defects. Our study provides mouseExpand
CHD7 interacts with the nucleosome acidic patch for its efficient activity via its N-terminal region
Chromodomain-Helicase DNA binding protein 7 (CHD7) is an ATP dependent chromatin remodeler involved in maintaining open chromatin structure. Mutations of CHD7 gene causes multiple developmentalExpand