Karim Berkani

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We propose a method that allows us to develop tableaux modulo theories using the principles of superdeduction, among which the theory is used to enrich the deduction system with new deduction rules. This method is presented in the framework of the Zenon automated theorem prover, and is applied to the set theory of the B method. This allows us to provide(More)
Telecommunication operators provide services and enable customers to compose their own packages of services. While designing a service-oriented system, deciding whether a service interaction is desired or harmful is a subjective choice which depends on the requirements expressed by the user with respect to the service integration. In this paper, we define(More)
We propose a formal and mechanized framework which consists in verifying proof rules of the B method, which cannot be automatically proved by the elementary prover of Atelier B and using an external automated theorem prover called Zenon. This framework contains in particular a set of tools, named BCARe and developed by Siemens IC-MOL, which relies on a deep(More)
Telecommunication systems involve many optional features which cannot be combined according to an obvious definition because they can interact together in an unpredictable way. In order to find the best way to combine features, a major difficulty is to foresee or to discover when a feature can disrupt an another one. Once such an interaction has been(More)
INTRODUCTION There are few long-term studies on the management of the sleep apnoea syndrome (SAS). PATIENTS AND METHODS We report a retrospective analysis of the management of SAS in the respiratory service of a general hospital between 1st January 1994 and 1st January 2010. RESULTS One thousand seven hundred and eighteen patients were diagnosed with(More)
The beneficial role of corticosteroid therapy for the treatment of methotrexate-induced pneumonia remains controversial. We report two cases of acute severe interstitial pneumonia induced by methotrexate in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma given a polychemotherapy protocol (M'BACOD). The first signs appeared on the eleventh day of the first cycle in(More)
INTRODUCTION Compliance with continuous positive pressure treatment (CPAP) is a determining factor in the management of the obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS). Long-term compliance has been poorly studied. METHODS The probability of long-term continuation of CPAP was evaluated retrospectively by an analysis of survival in 252 patients treated by CPAP(More)