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Salinity effects on germination, growth, and seed production of the halophyte Cakile maritima
Cakile maritima (Brassicaceae) is a halophyte that thrives on dunes along the Tunisian seashore. Besides its ecological interest for soil fixation, this plant produces seeds rich in lipids (40% onExpand
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Sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum L.) under salinity conditions: a comparison of leaf and root antioxidant responses
The present study was carried out to compare the effect of NaCl on growth, cell membrane damage, and antioxidant defences in the halophyte Crithmum maritimum L. (sea fennel). Physiological andExpand
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Changes in content and fatty acid profiles of total lipids and sulfolipids in the halophyte Crithmum maritimum under salt stress.
In the halophyte Crithmum maritimum, the sulfolipid content increased considerably in the presence of NaCl. There were no significant changes in the total fatty acid composition of sulfolipids duringExpand
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Growth, sodium uptake and antioxidant responses of coastal plants differing in their ecological status under increasing salinity
In the present study, we compared the response to salinity of three plants from Brittany coast with contrasted ecological status: Limonium latifolium (salt marshes), Matricaria maritima (beach topsExpand
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Drought and cadmium may be as effective as salinity in conferring subsequent salt stress tolerance in Cakile maritima
Plants are often exposed to a combination of stresses, which can occur simultaneously or at different times throughout their life. In this study, the effects of salinity, drought and cadmiumExpand
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Salt tolerance of nitrogen fixation in Medicago ciliaris is related to nodule sucrose metabolism performance rather than antioxidant system
In this study, the effect of 100 mM NaCl on physiological and biochemical responses were investigated in nodules of two Medicago ciliaris lines differing in salt tolerance (TNC 1.8 and TNC 11.9).Expand
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