Karim Ansari-Asl

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When assessing human emotion using EEG classification, one of the critical problems is to deal with the very large number of features to be classified. In this paper, we address this problem using synchronization likelihood as a new channel selection method. Applying this method, we could significantly reduce the number of EEG channels to be used in emotion(More)
Brain functional connectivity can be characterized by the temporal evolution of correlation between signals recorded from spatially-distributed regions. It is aimed at explaining how different brain areas interact within networks involved during normal (as in cognitive tasks) or pathological (as in epilepsy) situations. Numerous techniques were introduced(More)
In the past, considerable effort has been devoted to the development of signal processing techniques aimed at characterizing brain connectivity from signals recorded from spatially-distributed regions during normal or pathological conditions. In this paper, three families of methods (linear and nonlinear regression, phase synchronization, and generalized(More)
For the past decades, numerous works have been dedicated to the development of signal processing methods aimed at measuring the degree of association between electroencephalographic (EEG) signals. This interdependency parameter, which may be defined in various ways, is often used to characterize a functional coupling between different brain structures or(More)
This research represents a method to detect malaria parasite in blood samples stained with giemsa. In order to increase the accuracy of detecting, at the first step, the red blood cell mask is extracted. It is due to the fact that most of malaria parasites exist in red blood cells. Then, stained elements of blood such as red blood cells, parasites and white(More)
The aim of the present study was to develop a tissue-engineering approach through alginate gel molding to mimic cartilage tissue in a three-dimensional culture system. The perfusion biomimetic bioreactor was designed to mimic natural joint. The shear stresses exerting on the bioreactor chamber were calculated by Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD). Several(More)
Numerous works have been dedicated to the development of signal processing methods aimed at measuring the degree of association between EEG signals. This interdependency parameter is often used to characterize the functional coupling between different brain structures or regions during either normal or pathological processes. In this paper we focus on the(More)
Because of increased need to tissue and organ transplantation, tissue engineering (TE) researches have significantly increased in recent years in Iran. The present study explored briefly the advances in the TE approaches in Iran. Through comprehensive search, we explored main TE components researches include cell, scaffold, growth factor and bioreactor(More)
The aim of this paper is to hardware description and implementing of adaptive digital onedimensional (1-D) and twodimensional (2-D) Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filters on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology. The 2-D adaptive filter is particularly employed for image processing applications and a typical adaptive image noise cancellation(More)