Karim Al-Yafi

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Workflow BLOCKINtechnology BLOCKINhas BLOCKINbeen BLOCKINproven BLOCKINas BLOCKINan BLOCKINenabler BLOCKINfor BLOCKINnumerous BLOCKINbenefits BLOCKINfor BLOCKINprivate BLOCKINand BLOCKINpublic BLOCKINorganizations. Including: BLOCKINcost BLOCKINreduction, BLOCKINefficiency BLOCKINsavings BLOCKINin BLOCKINterms BLOCKINof BLOCKINtime BLOCKINand BLOCKINcost,(More)
This paper aims to propose PMWF model, a new workflow model to automate ubiquitous policy making processes and facilitate citizen participation. While workflow technology has been widely adopted in public sector, the use of technology is mostly limited to supporting back-end administrative business processes. PMWF model targets front-end policy making(More)
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