Karim A . Sarhane

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Skin-sparing mastectomy (SSM) and skin-reducing mastectomy (SRM) with immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) is oncologically safe and has become increasingly popular as an effective treatment for patients with early stage breast cancer requiring mastectomy. Cosmetic appearance following IBR depends largely on the location of the skin incision, the quantity(More)
Surgical site infections cause significant postoperative morbidity and increased healthcare costs. Bioadhesives used to fill surgical voids and support wound healing are typically devoid of antibacterial activity. Here we report novel syringe-injectable bioadhesive hydrogels with inherent antibacterial properties prepared from mixing polydextran aldehyde(More)
Transoral robotic surgery (TORS) has emerged as a technique that allows head and neck surgeons to safely resect large and complex oropharyngeal tumors without dividing the mandible or performing a lip-split incision. These resections provide a reconstructive challenge because the cylinder of the oropharynx remains closed and both physical access and(More)
Reconstructive transplantation such as extremity and face transplantation is a viable treatment option for select patients with devastating tissue loss. Sensorimotor recovery is a critical determinant of overall success of such transplants. Although motor function recovery has been extensively studied, mechanisms of sensory re-innervation are not well(More)
Advances in microsurgical techniques and immunomodulatory protocols have contributed to the expansion of vascularized composite allotransplantation (VCA) with very encouraging immunological, functional, and cosmetic results. Rejection remains however a major hurdle that portends serious threats to recipients. Rejection features in VCA have been described in(More)
IMPORTANCE Neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NC) is increasingly being used in patients with breast cancer, and evidence-based reports related to its independent effects on morbidity after mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction are limited. OBJECTIVE To determine the effect of NC on 30-day postoperative morbidity in women undergoing mastectomy with or(More)
BACKGROUND Le Fort-based, maxillofacial allotransplantation is a reconstructive alternative gaining clinical acceptance. However, the vast majority of single-jaw transplant recipients demonstrate less-than-ideal skeletal and dental relationships, with suboptimal aesthetic harmony. The purpose of this study was to investigate reproducible cephalometric(More)
Refinements in microsurgical techniques coupled with advances in immunosuppressive and immunomodulatory protocols have enabled broader clinical application of vascularized composite allotransplantation (VCA) with encouraging immunological, functional, and esthetic results. However, skin rejection remains a significant obstacle and a serious complication for(More)