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Various compositions in the Ag-CuO x system are being investigated as potential filler metals for use in air brazing high-temperature electrochemical devices such as solid oxide fuel cells and gas concentrators. Prior work has shown that the melting temperature, and therefore the potential operational temperature, of these materials can be increased by(More)
This study was undertaken to identify the acoustic correlates of the diphthongs /aI/ and /contains as a subset I/ in individuals who were trained to "style shift" between Standard American English (SAE) and Southern English (SE). The diphthongs were produced by four individuals from the coastal southern dialect region who were selected from among those who(More)
In March 2012, a group of researchers met to discuss emerging topics in ceramic science and to identify grand challenges in the field. By the end of the workshop, the group reached a consensus on eight challenges for the future:—understanding rare events in ceramic microstructures, understanding the phase-like behavior of interfaces, predicting and(More)
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