Kari Thoresen

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The aim of this study was to investigate the association between caffeine consumption and headache type and frequency in the general adult population. The results were based on cross-sectional data from 50,483 (55%) out of 92,566 invited inhabitants aged ≥20 years who participated in the Nord-Trøndelag Health Survey. In the multivariate analyses, adjusting(More)
Sammendrag/Abstract: This paper presents a scenario-based approach to designing mobile applications. Based on empirical studies of consultants in a maritime classification company, a set of scenarios was developed. The scenarios are used for assessing current mobile platforms, as well as pointing to new design possibilities for the organisation concerned.(More)
Possible negative effects of tissue culture on qualitative and quantitative characters have been investigated in three crosses of spring barley, using doubled haploid lines produced by anther culture (AC, with maltose as a carbon source) or the Hordeum bulbosum-method (HB). In one cross inbred lines produced by single seed descent (SSD) have also been(More)
Sammendrag/Abstract: The IMiS-DNV project is concerned with exploring and evaluating organisational and technical possibilities in computer networks for mobile workers. This effort will be done by first gaining knowledge about characteristics of mobile work through interviews and observations. This knowledge will then be tested through development and(More)
The theme of the paper is the tension between centralization and the need for standardization versus the need for locally developed organization and use of information technology. Unanticipated side effects have always existed in IT-based organization change. However, the trend towards integration, both within and across organizational boundaries, may(More)
Based on earlier work in Scandinavia, systems development is seen as both reflecting and shaping organizations. An ongoing action-research project at a large municipal hospital in Norway is taken as an example. This is a cooperative project in which nursing supervisors and researchers participate in shaping a learning process and designing a computer(More)
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