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Research paper Purpose To provide empirical evidence of benefits from IT in supply chain management. Design / methodology / approach Data in this qualitative study was collected through multiple inquiries. SCM consultant interviews gave understanding of the current state of practice. A survey of 48 progressive companies was conducted to identify what IT(More)
Recently, last mile logistics has been identified as one of the most important factors in developing consumer direct business concepts. Research and experience have revealed that the goods reception mode is one of the key factors when developing cost-efficient home delivery operations. This dissertation identifies, models, and analyses existing and emerging(More)
This Licentiate's Thesis analyses the role of e-business in supply chain management and provides new knowledge of how to capture the potential of e-business in supply chain management. The thesis approaches this issue through two research questions: 1. How to focus research and development efforts to maximize the potential of e-business to supply chain(More)
The use of information technology (IT) is considered a prerequisite for the effective control of today's complex supply chains. Despite the acknowledged importance of the use of IT in supply chain management (SCM), the number of empirical studies assessing the use of IT in the supply chain context is limited. Based on empirical data from 16 Finnish(More)
Whilst mid in an era of rapid development in information technology (IT), companies face increasing need to coordinate their logistics activities with their up-and downstream counterparts, that is, in their supply chains. New technological solutions have provided companies with completely new ways for information sharing in support of coordination and on(More)
It is commonly acknowledged that information technology (IT) is and increasingly will be an essential element of managing logistics operations in networks. However, there is less empirical evidence describing of the actual benefits of IT in supply chain management (SCM). This study, by means of a small survey and case-interviews, examines within selected(More)