Kari Rosenkranz

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BACKGROUND Focal task specific dystonia occurs preferentially during performance of a specific task. There may be an inefficiently high grip force when doing manipulative tasks other than the trigger task, possibly reflecting a generalised impairment of sensory-motor integration. OBJECTIVE To examine how well subjects with writer's cramp (n = 4) or(More)
OBJECTIVE The influence of muscle vibration (MV) as a strong proprioceptive input on motorcortical excitability was studied in 5 patients with musician's cramp, 5 musician controls and 5 non-musician controls. METHODS The relaxed flexor carpi radialis (FCR), involved in the dystonic movement in all patients, was vibrated using low frequency (80 Hz) and(More)
The diagnosis of traumatic heart damage can be sometimes difficult if the manifestations are only transient. To study the immediate effects of a blunt trauma of the thorax on the heart, it is therefore necessary to resort to animal experiments. The results of our own trials are based on more than a thousand thoracic traumas in narcotized rabbits. It could(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of our study was to evaluate in a non-investigational setting the effect of preoperative breast MRI on the diagnosis of unsuspected additional malignant tumors and on surgical management choices. SUBJECTS AND METHODS One hundred ninety-nine patients with a new diagnosis of breast cancer who underwent preoperative bilateral breast MRI(More)