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BACKGROUND The objective of the study was to determine if initial surgery (IS) or initial chemotherapy (IC) affects rates of optimal surgery and survival in a population with significant medical comorbidities. METHODS Data of all patients with stage III-IV ovarian, peritoneal, and fallopian tube cancers diagnosed from 1995 to 2008 were reviewed. Clinical(More)
8 aphakic patients were studied with fluorophotometry and 3-mirror examination of the vitreous body one month after cataract extraction. 4 were extracapsular with posterior chamber pseudophakos (ECCE) and 4 were intracapsular with anterior chamber pseudophakos (ICCE). A mathematical model is used to calculate blood-ocular fluorescein permeability (P) and(More)
Intracapsular cataract extraction with anterior lens implantation was performed in 60 eyes and matched to a control group of 55 eyes, which were operated without implantation. Per- and immediately postoperatively 8 eyes in each group had minor complications without consequences for the final visual outcome. 76.7% of the implanted eyes obtained a final(More)
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