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One of the major problems with participatory design is that it is extremely difficult to apply it to current developments. Software development for the mass market is one aspect of current developments which has been addressed. The problem of how to apply participatory design invariably leads to questioning its relevance to present-day circumstances. It is(More)
Based on empirical material from the area of software engineering, this article discusses the issue of plans and planning as an integral part of and prerequisite for software development work. It relates observed practices to literature produced by the Computer Supported Cooperative Work community. Empirical studies of software development practice seldom(More)
Organisational problems in industry have evoked increased interest in empirical methodologies in the broader software engineering community. In particular, the human role in software development has been addressed. Qualitative research approaches are identified as necessary for understanding human nature. The qualitative approach addressed in this article(More)
The incorporation of social issues in software engineering is limited. Still, during the last 20 years the social element inherent in software development has been addressed in a number of publications that identiWed a lack of common concepts, models, and theories for discussing software development from this point of view. It has been suggested that we(More)
Today the challenge in the mobile industry is User experience (UX), which is starting to affect software engineering processes. A common use or definition of the term UX is still not de facto defined. Industry and academy are both in agreement that UX definitely includes more than the previous usability definition. Our concern in this paper is how industry(More)
This paper presents a tool for building quality of use into the software and software process, in the form of a test package for mass market devices. It is developed for measuring user experience, which is seen as a more encompassing term than usability. The test package, which is under constant development, is the result of a long term cooperation between(More)