Kari P. Saarinen

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Novel adaptive robust filtering algorithms applicable to radar image processing are proposed. They take into consideration the peculiarities of radar images and possess a good combination of properties: effective speckle suppression, impulsive noise removal, edge and detail preservation and low computational complexity. The advantages of these digital(More)
Several efficient component and vector filters applicable for processing multichannel and color images are compared quantitatively. The cases of Gaussian and mixed Gaussian and impulsive noise are considered. It is shown that in situations typical for practice the best results are provided by a vector doublewindow modified trimmed mean filter and by a(More)
The ways to improve the computational efficiency of the Frost filter and make it robust in respect to spikes are considered. A hard-switching adaptive procedure is proposed and the aspects of proper selection of linear filter parameters and threshold values are discussed. Then the idea of subsequent application of FIR-median hybrid filter is put forward.(More)
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