Kari Luostarinen

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Access to information systems across corporate boundaries with high demands to privacy and trust result into ambitious research and development targets. This study provides motivation and a roadmap for approaching integrated security management solutions in a business network of partners with heterogeneous ICT and security infrastructures. We aim at(More)
WiMAX, as known as IEEE standard 802.16, is a wide range broadband wireless access network which has a significant good support for the quality of service. According to IEEE standard 802.16e WiMAX has support also for mobility. One of the key advantages of the WiMAX network is the possibility to assign QoS parameters as connection based. A good example of(More)
We describe a multilayer perceptron model to predict the laboratory measurements of paper quality using the instantaneous state of the papermaking production process. Actual industrial data from a pilot paper machine was used. The final model met its goal accuracy 95.7% of the time at best (tensile index quality) and 66.7% at worst (beta formation). We(More)
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