Kari Luostarinen

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Access to information systems across corporate boundaries with high demands to privacy and trust result into ambitious research and development targets. This study provides motivation and a roadmap for approaching integrated security management solutions in a business network of partners with heterogeneous ICT and security infrastructures. We aim at(More)
IEEE 802.16 standard defines the wireless broadband technology called WiMAX. When compared to other wireless technologies, it introduces many interesting advantages at physical (PHY) and media access control (MAC) layers. The WiMAX technology based on air interface standard 802.16 wireless metropolitan area network (MAN) is configured in the same way as a(More)
We describe a multilayer perceptron model to predict the laboratory measurements of paper quality using the instantaneous state of the papermaking production process. Actual industrial data from a pilot paper machine was used. The final model met its goal accuracy 95.7% of the time at best (tensile index quality) and 66.7% at worst (beta formation). We(More)
This paper presents a packet scheduling scheme for ensuring delay and bandwidth as a quality of service (QoS) requirement. For customers, rightful service is given while optimizing revenue of the network service provider. A gradient and fixed point type algorithms for updating the weights of a packet scheduler are derived from a revenue-based optimization(More)
This paper presents an information-theoretic ap­ proach to variable selection for prediction of laboratory mea­ surements of paper quality. Along with a well-known Principal Component Analysis we considered techniques for variable selec­ tion based on the classical Shannon Mutual Information and a novel Maximal Information Coefficient. A multilayer(More)
This paper proposes a scheduling model for ensuring delay as a Quality of Service requirement in the communications network. Different delays are allocated for different pricing classes, say gold, silver, and bronze classes. Our purpose is to minimize weighted mean delay for connections, where weights are the pricing factors of different classes. An(More)
Wireless networks are one of the most essential components of the communication networks. In contrast to the wired networks, the inherent broadcast nature of wireless networks provides a breeding ground for both opportunities and challenges ranging from security to reliability. Moreover, energy is a fundamental design constraint in wireless networks. The(More)