Kari Loikas

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A novel, experimentally simple, and highly sensitive method for measuring the loading of a quartz crystal resonator was developed. The method is based on the use of double-sideband suppressed-carrier modulated high-frequency signal, which is swept through the resonance range of the resonator. Induced current in the resonator is passed through a capacitor,(More)
Aromatic Gd(III) and Y(III) chelates produce ligand-centered emissions during cathodic pulse polarization of oxide-covered aluminum electrodes, while the corresponding Tb(III) chelates produce metal-centered5D4 →7Fj emissions. It was observed that a redox-inert paramagnetic heavy lanthanoid ion, Gd(III), seems to enhance strongly intersystem crossing in the(More)
The effect of a polyelectrolyte (PE) multilayers made by a layer-by-layer technique on the response of a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) is studied by using novel mathematical methods based on the Möbius transformations and their matrix representations in the complex plane. In the first method, the basic properties of the Möbius transformation are used(More)
A homogeneous immunoassay of T4 was developed using a semiautomatic electrochemiluminometer modified from a commercially available fluorometer. In addition, from the same analyte panel an immunometric immunoassay of TSH at similar disposable oxide-covered aluminum rake electrodes was studied using this instrument both on homogeneous and heterogeneous basis.(More)
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