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In the global software development environment, the companies face the challenges of collaboration. This is particularly challenging for software companies in rural areas, which are typically small companies with limited resources. Often their customers and partners are also geographically dispersed. These factors, in addition to geographical distances,(More)
Technological advancement in the field of information-and-communication technologies (ICT) was rapid during the first decade of the new millennium. Universities started to use the new information-and-communication technologies more in their core processes, which speeded up their transformation from the traditional campus mode toward virtual universities.(More)
Today, micropayment systems usage is highly topical. For example, applications of mobile micropayment systems are widely used and are well known by the public.The objective of this study was to implement a micropayment system pilot based on an interoperability enabling platform (in this case, Smart-M3) for small businesses with restricted resources, scarce(More)