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Software developers and maintainers need to read and understand source programs and other kinds of software documents in their work. Understandability of software documents is thus important. This paper introduces a method for estimating the understandability of software documents. The method is based on a language theory according to which every software(More)
The only thing that I do not like in this thesis is the small example of a computer program of which I show many versions. The program checks the validity of a customer number. As I am now more experienced in writing simple textbook examples of computer programs, I could produce a better example program for this thesis. So, when you read this thesis, please(More)
This Master's thesis was commissioned by Nokia. Java MIDlets are applications that can be run in small devices such as mobile phones. In Nokia feature phones, MIDlets can be tested with Simulation tool. Simulation tool users had a need to install Java MIDlets from the computer file system to the simulation environment file system. The purpose was to(More)
Japanese woodblock printmaking is a traditional printing method practiced for centuries. The modern challenge to this fine art is the constantly decreasing amount of available wood, wild cherry tree, which has been traditionally used as a printing block material. The increasing amount of interest focuses on finding alternative wood types, which would(More)
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