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The effects of Org 9426 (the 2-morpholino, 3-hydroxy, 16N-allyl pyrrolidino analogue of vecuronium) were studied in anaesthetized cats and pigs and in isolated nerve--muscle preparations using tension and intracellular recording techniques. In isolated preparations, the effects of Org 9426 were antagonized by neostigmine. No contracture of the chick muscle(More)
1. Intracellular recordings have been made of the hyperpolarization of cockroach salivary gland cells induced by nerve stimulation and dopamine. 2. The relative potency of a number of dopamine antagonists in inhibiting the dopamine- and nerve-mediated hyperpolarization was studied. SCH23390 (10-50 microM), chlorpromazine (0.1-5 microM), haloperidol (10-100(More)
1. A study has been made of the potency of a number of dopamine antagonists to inhibit dopamine-induced secretion from the cockroach salivary gland in vitro. 2. Chlorpromazine (0.5-5 microM), SCH23390 (10-100 microM), haloperidol (10-100 microM) and metoclopramide (2 mM) competitively inhibited the secretory response to dopamine. In contrast (+/-)sulpiride(More)
1. The ability of the selective dopamine receptor agonists, fenoldopam and SKF38393 (D1) and quinpirole and LY163502 (D2), to mimic the effect of dopamine on cockroach salivary gland acinar cells has been investigated. 2. Intracellular recordings of the membrane potential established that all the agonists mimicked dopamine (i.e. they induced a(More)
Hair cells in the mature cochlea cannot spontaneously regenerate. One potential approach for restoring hair cells is stem cell therapy. However, when cells are transplanted into scala media (SM) of the cochlea, they promptly die due to the high potassium concentration. We previously described a method for conditioning the SM to make it more hospitable to(More)
1. The effects of vesamicol (2-(4-phenylpiperidino) cyclohexanol), an inhibitor of acetylcholine storage, and its two optical isomers have been studied on neuromuscular transmission in rat and frog muscle, and on nerve conduction in frog nerve. 2. Racemic vesamicol produced a pre-block augmentation of twitch tension that also occurred in directly-stimulated(More)
Dietary supplements consisting of beta-carotene (precursor to vitamin A), vitamins C and E and the mineral magnesium (ACEMg) can be beneficial for reducing hearing loss due to aminoglycosides and overstimulation. This regimen also slowed progression of deafness for a boy with GJB2 (CONNEXIN 26) mutations. To assess the potential for treating GJB2 and other(More)
The effects of domperidone on the electrical response of the cockroach salivary gland to applied dopamine and to nerve stimulation have been investigated. Dopamine and nerve stimulation induced a hyperpolarization of the salivary gland acinar cells, which was occasionally followed by a depolarization. At 1 and 10 microM domperidone had no effect on the(More)
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