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The concept augmented reality is used to describe a system that supplements reality by adding virtual objects into a real-world view. This paper describes a flexible mobile code approach that we can use to implement ubiquitous, active, and mobile augmented reality systems. We will concentrate primarily on solving the problem of how to acquire the data for(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the participation of urban and rural dwellers in the activity of berry-picking. The respondents in the study lived in the city of Joensuu and in the municipality of Ilomantsi, in eastern Finland. 68% of Joensuu households compared with 82% of those in Ilomantsi participated in berry-picking. These evident differences(More)
When embedded systems become ubiquitous, it will be a challenge to provide a convenient way for us to interact with them. In this paper, we describe the CUES system that provides a general-purpose approach for interacting with ubiquitous embedded systems by using a single control device. The control device adapts to different embedded systems by downloading(More)
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