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Abstract Models of speciation in African rain forests have stressed either the role of isolation or ecological gradients. Here we contrast patterns of morphological and genetic divergence in parapatric and allopatric populations of the Little Greenbul, Andropadus virens, within different and similar habitats. We sampled 263 individuals from 18 sites and(More)
Certain predictions of optimal- and central place-foraging theory were tested on the desert harvester ant, Pogonomyrmex californicus. Colonies were offered three different sizes of oat seed and found to maximize net energy intake (ei) over time (t i ) by harvesting the seed sizes with the highest e i /t i rank. Two aspects of t i were measured that were(More)
reintroduced 66 gray wolves to central Idaho and Yellowstone National Park as part of efforts to restore populations of endangered gray wolves (Canis lupus) across the northern Rocky Mountain states of Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. In April 2009, the USFWS removed (delisted) the northern Rocky Mountain Distinct Population Segment, excluding Wyoming, of gray(More)
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