Kari Hämäläinen

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In this article, we present a practical coordinated multipoint (CoMP) system for LTE-Advanced. In this CoMP system, cooperation is enabled for cell-edge users via dynamic switching between the normal single-cell operation and CoMP. We first formulate a general CoMP system model of several CoMP schemes. We then investigate a practical finite-rate feedback(More)
Immigration policy design is an important and controversial topic in most developed countries. We inform this debate by evaluating the e ects of an integration program for immigrants to Finland. The program consists of an individualized sequence of training and subsidized employment. Non-compliance is sanctioned by reductions in welfare bene ts. Our(More)
This study evaluates the long-run effects of Finnish active labour market programmes in youth labour markets. The effectiveness of programmes is measured by a number of outcomes, including employment, unemployment, programme participation, education, being out-of-labour force and annual earnings. A nonparametric propensity score matching approach adapted(More)
1 We are grateful to Eija Savaja (Labour Institute for Economic Research) for her help with the construction of the data. Abstract The aim of this study is to explore the structure and the dynamics of regional labour markets in terms of gross job and worker flows. The regional turnover rates are related to macroeconomic indicators, demographic factors and(More)
While theorists differ sharply on the expected economic impact of stock options, typically empirical work has found a positive association between option schemes and firm productivity. However, existing data are limited and may not enable reliable investigation of the productivity effects of different types of option scheme. New panel data for all Finnish(More)
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