Kari Anne Holte

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Electromyographic activity of the upper trapezius muscles was recorded over the workday for two groups of service workers, shopping centre (n = 22) and healthcare workers (n = 44), both with low observed biomechanical exposure. Static and median EMG activity level, number of EMG gaps and gap time were determined. The variability of these variables over the(More)
The surface electromyographic (EMG) signal from right and left trapezius muscles and the heart rate were recorded over 24 h in 27 healthy female subjects. The root-mean-square (RMS) value of the surface EMG signals and the heartbeat interval time series were calculated with a time resolution of 0.2 s. The EMG activity during sleep showed long periods with(More)
PURPOSE The study aimed to investigate the course and duration of neuroendocrine recovery after 2-week 12-h day and night shift working periods and to study whether there were differences in recovery between the shift groups. METHODS Twenty-nine male offshore employees working 2-week 12-h shift tours participated in the study; 15 participated after a day(More)
Shift work is associated with a number of negative health outcomes, although it is not known whether it is associated with sick leave. This systematic review therefore aimed to determine whether an association exists between shift work and sick leave. A systematic literature search was conducted in six databases on observational studies. Two reviewers(More)
BACKGROUND Recovery from fatigue is important in maintaining night workers' health. This study compared the course of self-reported recovery after 2-week 12-hour schedules consisting of either night shifts or swing shifts (i.e., 7 night shifts followed by 7 day shifts) to such schedules consisting of only day work. METHODS Sixty-one male offshore(More)
BACKGROUND Theoretical models on shift work fall short of describing relevant health-related pathways associated with the broader concept of nonstandard working schedules. Shift work models neither combine relevant working time characteristics applicable to nonstandard schedules nor include the role of rest periods and recovery in the development of health(More)
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