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Speeding training: Library Instruction in 30 Minutes or Less
A question plaguing many librarians today is how to get information out about resources and services when everyone is so busy. One answer may be to offer express classes. In the spring and fall
Watch It or Read It: Understanding Undergraduate Engineering Students’ Learning Effectiveness and Preference for Video Tutorials versus Guide-on-the-Side Tutorials
Results from this study suggested that both video tutorials and Guide-on-the-Side tutorials effectively helped the undergraduate students learn database searching.
Standards, Standards: Where might you be?
Getting access to standards can prove to be a tricky and expensive endeavor. The Lichtenberger Engineering Library at the University of Iowa has been working to try and simplify the process in order
Subject Guides: Computer Science: Etiquette
Subject Guides: Engineering Data: Aviation Data
Subject Guides: Citing Sources: How to Cite Standards
Citation format instruction for technical & scientific writing. How to cite an industry standard.