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The major advance during the past year was the identification of ligands for two of the previously known position-specific integrins in Drosophila. At the same time, two new Drosophila integrin subunits (one alpha and one beta) were discovered, and significant progress was made on developmental genetic analyses of integrin functions, shedding light on the(More)
We have identified a novel alpha integrin subunit in Drosophila, that associates with betaPS integrin. We report the temporal expression of the gene encoding this integrin subunit, which we have called alphaPS3, throughout development and the localization of its expression during embryogenesis. AlphaPS3 RNA was localized to tissues undergoing invagination,(More)
The concepts of agency and communion have been used to describe sex differences in vulnerability to specific stressor domains. This study examined blood pressure and heart rate responses of 60 married couples to experimental manipulations of disagreement (i.e., communion stressor) and achievement challenge (i.e., agency stressor). Consistent with(More)
Computer networking concepts can be difficult to understand and teach as they frequently relate to complex and dynamic processes which are not readily visible or intuitive and are therefore problematic to conceptualise. Consequently teachers often incorporate simulation or visualisation tools to support the learning process, but often in a superficial way(More)
Karen A. Stark1, Gene H. Yee1,*, Carol E. Roote2, Erin L. Williams2, Susan Zusman2 and Richard O. Hynes1,† 1Howard Hughes Medical Institute and the Center for Cancer Research, Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA 2Department of Biology, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627, USA *Present address:(More)
The history, current role, and potential enhanced functions of HIV partner notification are reviewed. What is known about the effectiveness of partner notification is summarized and five general findings are reported: (1) many, if not most, HIV-infected individuals will cooperate in notifying at least some of their sex partners of exposure to HIV; (2) sex(More)
The Centers for Disease Control is conducting two investigations of the outcomes of HIV counselling and testing services offered persons at high risk for infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). One investigation is a trial conducted at sexually transmitted disease clinics where an enhanced version of HIV counseling and testing is compared(More)
The field of data and computer communications networking uses an array of abstract concepts such as encapsulation, protocol data units, virtual circuits etc. to describe and explain the underlying processes. Various studies, together with our own observations, strongly indicate that students often find these concepts difficult to learn, as they cannot(More)
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