Karen Sonnenthal

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We hypothesized that acute brain injury results in decreased heart rate (HR) variability and baroreflex sensitivity indicative of uncoupling of the autonomic and cardiovascular systems and that the degree of uncoupling should be proportional to the degree of neurological injury. We used HR and blood pressure (BP) power spectral analysis to measure(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the impact of a clinical pharmacist in a pediatric intensive care unit. The goals of the study were to determine the type and quantity of patient care interventions recommended by a clinical pharmacist and to specifically examine cost savings (or loss) that resulted from clinical pharmacist recommendations. DESIGN A prospective case(More)
OBJECTIVE Neuroautonomic modulation of heart rate (HR) and blood pressure were assessed in sepsis or septic shock. We hypothesized that these metrics would be diminished in pediatric patients with sepsis and septic shock, indicating uncoupling of the autonomic and cardiovascular systems. DESIGN Prospective case series. SETTING Pediatric intensive care(More)
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